Agricultural Cleaning

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Agricultural Cleaning

M.R Cleaning Service provide an agricultural cleaning service that helps agricultural workers keep their farms clean and in full working order.


Maintaining a farm on top of day to day operations can be a challenge if regular cleaning is not consistently carried out. Cleaning inaccessible crevices and getting rid of manure, mud and dust without the proper equipment is a thankless task.


Our team of agricultural cleaning professionals use power washers to alleviate farmers of cleaning responsibilities, allowing them to focus on other farm work or to simply enjoy more free time.


When it comes to keeping your farm clean, sweeping and mopping is not going to cut it. By using power washing equipment, we are able to effectively clean and sanitise farmyards, pens, sheds and stables.

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Our Services Are Suitable For

Our Services Are Suitable For

  • Farmyards

  • Livestock Sheds

  • Pens

  • Stables

We help clients in Carlow, Waterford and beyond effectively clean their farms

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I organise an agricultural cleaner to visit my farm on regular basis?

    Yes. We work around client schedules to provide them with a service that enhances their professional and personal life. Contact our team to discuss contract work or one-off visits.

  • What is the benefit of power washing my farm?

    The naturally dirty conditions of a farm can give rise to disease and sickness. Power washing easily cleans your farmyard and most used areas to keep your farm in its best condition.